Wednesday, October 8, 2008

10,000 Maniacs

WHOOOAAA!! Over ten thousand (10,000) readers served! Ten thousands readers (10,000) means twenty thousand (20,000) eyeballs (actually a little less if you don't count the Director's glass eye) have been entertained, assaulted, and enlightened through our on line journal. That's more readers than yearly income around these parts, Hip-Hip-Hooray for the blog. Take that, statistics about literacy in West Virginia, at least our patrons are avid readers. I am celebrating with a pair of "victorious" photos of the Director who participated in both a bowling competition and swim meet during Elkin's Forest Festival. Chris won the bowling competition and took the bronze in the 100 meter freestyle. Good work Director!
Despite evidence to the contrary, the Irish have excellent palates. A group of four (4) Emerald Isle denizens stopped in today and positively devastated the counter. They consumed eight (8) quiche and seven (7) muffins. Hearty appetites and warm spirits shared the morning with me.

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nice titty, chris