Friday, October 10, 2008


Serendipitous circumstances have placed me in the path of juicy information, and as is my duty, I am reporting the goings-on to you. First, and probably most of you are aware, our HypnoFriends Rob (of Operation Eradication) and Shannon (of Blackwater Outdoors Adventures fame) are expecting their first child, and second (this is a BIGGIE) Matt (of PIMBY fame) and Sarah (of Hunt fame) tied the knot, got hitched, made each other honest, ran away to the bike shop, and in other words got married!! Oh my! Congratulations to all of our friends and neighbors on these wonderful life changers, good show!!

More future-HypnoVessel-arrivals for the shop made their way to the HypnoDock and some new furniture has sailed in. Drop by the HypnoHome for any sneak peeks you may be jones'n for. Congratulations to Paul for his early call on the HypnoCouch, the sun drenched seating vessel has found a loving home, thanks. Again, congratulations to all of our friends.

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