Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Close Second

Who wouldn't want to see that face in the morning?

Are the cities and suburbs so blighted that their denizens have to escape? I am flumuxed by the enormous crowds these past two (2) weekends, yesterday especially. Our little shop was $11.00 short of the high watermark set during the Fourth of July weekend! That kind of traffic usually requires some sort of holiday, or at least amazing weather. We currently have neither. Partly sunny, hard frost at night, and no color left on the trees. This is fine if you are want to celebrate the preambles of winter, otherwise it's merely a molting before the season changes. I am pleased the cities are places not to spend weekends, and appreciative of the choice of get-away. See you next weekend!

Coming next week: more tales of the Director and his pursuit of other employment. Is it for real? Will he leave the mountain, and what of the drug screening?


Anonymous said...

dude I thought all mood-altering substance peddlers welcomed the extra bizness and you are shunning it!? That won't earn you street-cred homey! Now the fact that you are one of the few people who use my favorite word "flummoxed" is quite heart-warming :)

HypnoBlog said...

You misinterpret my disbelief for shunning. As a man with a mortgage and three (3) kids I NEVER shun income. In fact street-cred is the only currency this brother possesses.