Saturday, October 18, 2008

His Discs Are A'bulgin'

Spine tingling

Our HypnoFriend, comrade in arms, and purveyor of burritos, Rob B. (of Hellbender fame) is on the injured reserved list. If you've been around this summer you may have noticed a hitch in his get-along, a pained look on his face when he performs his male burlesque show, Fris-bee, or just noticed his occasional absence. Rob injured his back slam-dancing at a Cramps show back in the magical year of 1984, whilst the Cramps were touring their epic record, Bad Music for Bad People. A young Robbie B. had no idea that a fitful night of dancing would eventually translate into a trip to Tampa, FL to have a laser shot into his spine. That would have seemed too BladeRunner to Robbie at the time, but alas, it is off to Tampa and under the laser he shall be. Melissa will, of course, accompany the patient, and unfortunately for the rest of us, starting tomorrow Hellbender shall be closed in their absence... Take a deep breath, it will be fine, the restaurant will open again on Tuesday, October 28th. We, at the HypnoVessel, wish Rob a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. We also hope Melissa finds some respite from her hectic schedule while in the Sunshine State.

What's going on? Another record pace weekend is afoot, and this is the most I can get typed out between Hot Chocolates and Mochas...end transmission.

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Stacy said...

Gawd, I love the cramps!