Sunday, October 12, 2008

You've Been Warned

With flowers as inspiration, Nick fills out his application.

The mountain top has been unexpectedly overrun with northern Virginia's finest denizens. A
well behaved group, accustomed to waiting in lines, and possessing an insatiable appetite for the new turnover creations. Gary's latest treat was wiped out in two (2) hours; were you lucky enough to consume a Hot Apple Bend-over or Cherry Poppins? If not you will have to enjoy our speciality this weekend, waiting. Where the line starts is where the buck stops, here. If like yesterday, we are forced to face-down a line of Virginians please remain patient or Charlie will ask you leave.


Anonymous said...

I'm left wondering if those turnovers are as flaky as the owner?

HypnoBlog said...

Not even close, and don't taste as good either.

Gandalfthe5000ator said...

And I'M left wondering if the owner, himself, is posting these inane anonymous comments to set up his hilarious replies. That would be a true stroke of hypno-genius. Or perhaps there is even more to it than that. ROCK, T.
Ben Nelson