Monday, October 13, 2008

Records Fall

Another milestone has been passed, two hundred (200) blog entries and accumulating more all the time. The HypnoFamily and HypnoFriends are looking forward to the sigh of relief after this, a surprisingly hectic weekend. Congratulations to our friends Rob and Melissa (of Hellbender fame) for their new record weekend! Many a visitor manhandled those enormous burritos, and the records fell. Even the HypnoVessel pulled its second (second only to the Fourth of July) best weekend of the year. Back by popular demand are Gary's Hot Apple Bend-overs and, just for today, Cran-Ky-Berry Turn-overs. If you missed the turn-overs this past weekend, these are for the locals...and me. Our HypnoPal, Ben (of farming fame) made his way back atop the mountain. Hitchin' rides, hustlin' his heiny, and panhandling his way from our nation's capital took a week, but the eagle has landed and he's ready for a badminton game. Anyone else up for shuttlecock smashing? We'd love to host another match beneath the fall leaves' last hoorah.

Today we bid a temporary good-bye to our CSA representative, Tasha, as she heads to the deep south for a spell. Be safe and we look forward to your return in December. Too bad for Tasha, she will miss the pumpkin carving. Come by the HypnoVessel Sunday October 25th around two (2) p.m. and bring your favorite knife. We are striking a deal with a local farmer for a dozen pumpkins, and I trust that will suffice. Let us know if you want to wield a knife ahead of time so we can secure enough pumpkins. Thanks to Al and Janel for spear-heading the jack-o-lantern effort.

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