Tuesday, November 18, 2008

At Last

All hands were on deck preparing the vessel for duty.

A blustery sea welcomed us on our first day back. No lie, we have over one (1) foot of snow and no signs of stopping this week. If you are reading this (and you really should be!) in the D.C. metropolitan area, Baltimore GMA, Pittsburgh GMA, or any other nearby urban locale and are inclined to cross country skiing, than pack the skis and get here as quickly as your Prius can go. The weather is dynamite and once the cold has bit through you one (1) too many times, stop by our new shop and just watch the snow fall with us.

Our first skier, trudged her way to the shop this morning, kudos to Melissa (of Hellbender fame) for the tracks she laid between the 'Bender and the HypnoShip. Many a soul braved the elements and arrived via the shoelace express, but it took a girl to ski it!

Rumors: The HypnoCrew wants to know. Who was the girl strutting along Front Street clad in snow boots, hat, scarf, and coat...lacking any lower extremity coverings, except for a pair if frost-bitten intimates? This sighting was reported by our very own chick-magnet, Gary, during a Sunday morning drive-by. Gary identified the scantily clad stroller as HypnoFriend, "Christine"; however she denies owning any underwear, and I tend to believe her. Who art thou?

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Anonymous said...

it was dolly parton