Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Settling In

Was Gary hallucinating? No one has come forward admitting it was they, embarrassed, cold, and apple-cheeked gallivanting along Front Street Sunday morning. Okay, we'll let it go...Nathan's girlfriend? It was good to see even more regular faces today. Good news for the regulars, Aaron will return Monday, thus no longer will you have to suffer my sardonic witicisms on a daily basis. We'll get Mackie in this weekend should schedules permit, adding even more levity to your already effervescent visits. See you in the morning.
Take heed, be warned, and get ready to gird your loins; Tucker County Trails is holding elections at tonight's meeting. The vetting process for candidates is akin to that of the McCain campaign, so you never know who will be elected. Join in on the democratic fun!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

All women look the same to Gary. HOWEVER,I think we all can agree that it is no surprise that a gorgeous pair of legs was spotted and "Christine!" immediately came to mind. Sadly though, that drop dead gorgeous (and probably very witty and smart) woman on the street was not yours truly. And for the record, Nathan claims no ownership of sexy-pantied women on the street (at least not THAT one).