Saturday, November 1, 2008


A pirate and his booty.

Melissa, right before Chloe-Death took her soul.

All HypnoKids made the scene.

Davis does it ol' skool. Kids take to the streets in huge gangs, roving for candy, if candy is not surrendered than the eggs fly. We put the HypnoKids in the alleys around 6:30 p.m. and paced our town until bags were laden with chocolate booty and the youngest swashbucklers required piggy-back rides. The snow on the ground and chill to the air couldn't stop Halloween!

A most unusual day-after-Halloween greeted me. Instead of my normal 6 a.m. awakening, I slept, a slumber reserved for a satisfied mind. My day was open to me without a shop to run. I admit to slight boredom and a nagging feeling that something was missing, like a phantom limb. A new prosthesis should be ready next week.

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If you get really bored watch the whole video- for cool gun club footage skip to the five (5) minute mark... enjoy: