Monday, November 3, 2008

On Leave

Shore leave is everything I thought it would be. Imbibing, sleeping-in, playing, eating, working on projects not coffee related, and did I mention sleeping-in. It normally takes a week to accumulate the amount of sleep I have enjoyed in the last three (3) days. While in the land of consumers, Summer and I made a trip today acquiring storage vessels, thanks to Uncle Chris for the donation of MasterCard! The food and wine coming out of Uncle Chris' kitchen has been nothing short of resplendent, and that is a compliment paid to the whole family as they all contribute to our sustenance. Summer and I will have to be rolled back aboard after the good eats her family has fed us. Thanks to all of the Sevi's for the good grub. These salty dogs appreciate your mess halls. Also, it was good to visit Cozze's Junk Yard and see Chris' Peugeot live another day! Viva France!
Are your lack-of-caffeine-headaches affecting your performance in our absence? I should hope so; as purveyors of addicting substances, we want our customers clamouring for our product. Soon me mateys, we shall again hoist the sails and set a course for your satisfaction. See you at Hellbender for election day results.

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