Monday, February 23, 2009

Eight Ball, Corner Pocket

Familiar appearance.

The HypnoCaptain, your humble narrator, joined other businesses in a focus group last night. Enticed with free booze and chow, a sailor's Achilles heel, Patrick (of Blackwater Outdoor Adventures fame) and I braved the snowy wind swept highway that connects Davis to the second-home haven of the valley. Canaan Valley Resort hosted the focus group whose purpose was to suss out what the Chamber might do to drum up members (none of the businesses in attendance was a member) and what we as merchants would like to get out of our Chamber. Some good ideas came to light and the two (2) chamber board members whose job it was to listen did so and made their pitches as to why we should join. If the HypnoVessel decides to join the rank and file I'll let you know. There is certainly a lot of serendipitous and fortuitous events transpiring lately: three (3) transplant business owners making a break for the town council seats, WVU producing multi-media stories about our businesses and their super-cool owners, the gov becoming one (1) of the second home owners, and the Chamber reaching out to the some of these same players for their participation and help. I'm still connecting the dots and interpreting the angles. Needing help in deciphering, I reached back a couple of centuries to the master, and am re-reading Machiavelli's The Prince for clarity and insight.


Anonymous said...

hey tony thanks for the quality reading material. i needed some advocate! oh yeah and thanks for the coffee.

"The Director"

Pete said...

The good news keeps peppering Davis like lake effect squawls. Don't forget the National Youth Sciences 110 acre internship campus within a bike ride out Camp 70. When built, this will employ several people and bring 200 bright high schoolers and of course their bright parents. Research and software development can be done anywhere, and increasingly it is located in towns with high aesthetic and mountain sports/lifestyle value. Excuse me while I pull another shot of Hypno espresso.