Saturday, February 21, 2009

Candid Cameras

WVU journalism grad student, Steve. (file photo)

WVU journalism senior, Tricia. (file photo)

Some of you ended up on WVU's camera today. The story is morphing into, "what are so many intelligent good-looking people doing in a miniature town like Davis." Intrepid students, Tricia and Steve conducted their initial interviews with local business owners regarding their viability in tough economic times, but it became apparent that the interviewees were all transplants ditching other lives to live on top of a mountain with six hundred (600) other hearty souls. Why? A better story surfaced, one (1) we are all well familiar with. Unlucky patrons, Matt "Doc" Lambert and Brian Menzies (sp) were also interviewed as to what the hell they are doing here as well, and when I say here I of course mean HypnoCoffee. Matt's response about keeping Gretchen in diapers and me in IPA was touching. Brian just waxed poetic about peering into the green pools of my eyes, bathing himself in their dreamy ocular otherworlds whilst sipping Filthy Dirty Chai Tea Lattes. Both good answers, thanks gentlemen. Our wielders of cameras and microphones disembarked the HypnoVessel and tripped William Avenue east to Highland Prospects, in order to interview transplant Bubba about the brave decision he made in leaving occupied America to sell intimate men's wear atop our mountain. Interesting revelations surely came to light.

Special note to those living in Morgantown: you can now enjoy your favorite coffee in Mo'town. Gary (of Cracker Stackwell fame) picked up an order of coffee bound for the Blue Moose Cafe. Thanks Gary, and to Morgantown denizens, thank the Blue Moose for the liquid gifts ye are about to receive.

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