Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action... Again


Who's that handsome lad?

Just as Spring seemed ready to pounce upon us, old man winter pointed to the calendar and said "are you kidding me?" A welcome white blanket is covering our community again. We hope the sugary highways do not postpone our new HypnoFriends from Morgantown from making their way back to us tomorrow. No, not Mackie (he's a seasoned driver of hazardous conditions); our School of Journalism friends. As the initiated reader will remember, we were interviewed by two (2) students along with Melissa (of Hellbender fame) and Walt (of Sirianni's fame), earlier this month. So struck with us (or so desperate for a story), they are returning to spend a day with the HypnoFamily, replete with following Summer around at home during Chloe's homeskool'n. I know what you're thinking, they'll find out that the HypnoFamily's education plan consists of watching the Simpsons four (4) hours a day. Not to worry, we borrowed some books from Ivonne (of the Library fame) and spread them around the house giving us a well-read and informed educators appearance. You will be able to see the outcomes of both trips shortly on the interweb, and I'll be sure and link you once the work is done. The project is called West Virginia Uncovered (no, it's not the film crew from Bluefield's Scuttlebutt strip club project), you can eyeball their past achievements at


Anonymous said...

Hey there isn't any snow here in Morgantown...what are you talking about?

anonymous VA IT geek said...

let anonymous IT geek be the first one to point out that your url link to does not work. But being the techno wizard I claim to be, i discovered that removing the www, or "dub dub dub" as we in the biz say, will get you to the website intended!