Friday, February 20, 2009

He's Barack

Berating the HypnoCaptain.

Barack was back in town again; he just can't stay away when it snows. Did you pay attention this week to his address given in Denver? The stimulus package can't even get off the ground without caffeine, and the Commander-n-Chief only drinks Hypno. He especially likes city roasted Mexican Altura in the morning with his first cigarette of the day. Yeah, he's still smoking. I've advised him that continuing to smoke is irresponsible given his high profile position, not to mention I don't appreciate him driving up health care costs for we responsible adults taking care of our cardiovascular filaments. After telling me his health care is second only to the Queen of England paid by me whether he smokes or not; he donned his new fleece coat and hat (handmade by barista Nicole), told me to shut my fool mouth, flicked his cigarette butt in my face, and went skiing again.
The WVU story was waylaid thanks to our white highways, but look for student Tricia in the morning at the shop. You read right. Dress well tomorrow, comb your hair, and wear your brightest smile as you board the HypnoVessel in the morning for you too may be caught in the unflinching eye of the camera.
A couple of personal notes: to anonymous D.C. IT geek; if you made your way to the Best Virginia this weekend I'd like to catch up. I realize you will most likely spend your day huffing chaga and kick'n it around White Grass so look for the HypnoFam at Mountain State Brewery around 6pm. We'll be supping on Chip's (of Mountain State fame) Chinese food. Oh, you didn't know? Chip is whipping up Asian vittles for the culturally deprived mountain top dwellers.
Last note: our little HypnoPal, Caeli, should have had her run in with a pediatric orthopedist today. I am confident she pulled through swimmingly and will recover quickly. Drop me a line and tell me what I already know.

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anonymous VA IT geek said...

snow was so good i was skiing from morning till dark the past 3 days! although your presence is felt in the valley as I often see hands toting hypno cups and pounds of beans in peoples kitchens who are so gracious to feed this stray dog.