Friday, February 6, 2009

Tonight On Sixty (60) Minutes

Charlie, advertising Andy Rooney's "burning" expose.

It finally happened. We knew it would, it was just a matter of time. Yes, I was being interviewed this morning in the vessel. Hugh Downs has been replaced by two (2) much younger journalists, Tricia and Steve. Sure they looked like college students on assignment, however, with recent media cutbacks, younger men and women are being hired at much lower salaries and replacing the hackneyed stalwarts of media yore. Indeed, my interviewers probably got their start only a couple of years ago, using "interviews" as a means to dine and dash. They already hit Hellbender (two (2) Lost Hiker Burritos, four (4) pints of IPA, and two (2) slices of cheesecake), and after disembarking the HypnoVessel they headed to Highland Prospects in search of a headlamp and new gloves. (If you cross paths with these two (2) grifters, send them to any of the above mentioned businesses for settlement on their checks.) They made several queries revolving around bleak economic times and conducting business in a small community. Of course, we here, already know how to survive on very little, and having our minds wrapped around that, we measure success in terms other than the monetary. We may earn a paltry salary, but it costs but a small penance to live and recreate in the best damn backyard America has to offer... and share it with the best damn neighbors too!

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Anonymous said...

Before you know it, a national TV crew comes and does a 13 week series piece on you guys. Call it "The Daily Davis" or "Life Around Here". My personal favorite, "Mexican Food and Caffeine".

You can pay my fee in check or major credit card.

Thanks for everything!
-Steve Butera for WV Uncovered