Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Badminton Fever...Catch It!

Let us hope his barista skills out-shine his racket game.
The Director sent this pic of his first day in shorts whilst in Missouri, thanks.

Ben saw a mouse!

It was a good start to what promises to be an intense and competitive badminton season. Cory and Sheena were the dominate pair eliminating opponents with relative ease. In a family show-down pitting Alex and Jeremy (of Summer's sister and her beau fame) against Summer and I illustrated the toll running a business takes on one's skill. If this were a testament to mine and Summer's ability in other arenas we'd be jailed. We failed to score a single point until Alex and Jeremy had already surmounted a commanding twelve (12) point lead. As darkness fell so did the temperature and we all ran for warmth. Thanks to the players and keg rats for hanging out with the HypnoFam on such a lovely day.
Keith (of Ivonne's husband fame) made his way home after a visit to the Big Apple bearing gifts. Check out the hull for Keith's wisdom next time you are aboard. Since we are all fortunate enough to have Nicole at the tiller the extended HypnoFam plans on getting lost in our big beautiful backyard today.


Cory said...

I bet the fact that I *don't* run a business and have a family lends an upper hand to the badmiton domination...although we hardly dominated against you and Chloe...23-21? That was tense!

Thanks for having us over and for providing such a fun afternoon. Cant' wait to get some more quiche!



Anonymous said...

well looks like you let the dominate season last year go to your head. But of course you didn't have the most dominate player to ever set foot on the feild of glory.

"The Director"

Le Club Impressinnant said...

hahahahaha BEN SAW A MOUSE!!! thats funny!!