Monday, March 16, 2009

It's On!

Oh yeah, we even take "those" cards.

Chloe's first crack at latte art, she claims the milk's image is of a fetus.

Spring Break! Mattie (of Mackie's doppelganger fame) stopped by the HypnoVessel on his way to Spring Break festivities in Nags Head, NC. He had all of the essentials; Coopertone sun tan oil, blue jean cut-off shorts, zinc oxide for his nose, Ray Ban shades, a case of wine coolers, and his lucky condom. Bring us back some sun my friend. With Spring Break comes Summer's sister Alex and her beau, Jeremy. Their presence has initiated a Spring Break badminton match tomorrow afternoon, starting around 3 pm and ending once the Mountain State keg is dry! This also means you are afforded the pleasure of Nicole's company aboard the HypnoVessel this week, as time spent with family is never regretted...or is that regrettable? We'll see, enjoy Nicole though.
It's official Jeremy, Ben, and the Highland Prospects inventory will be making its way to the HypnoVessel! The lease has been signed, in blood (an arcane WV law). Consider the red carpet rolled out!

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