Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm On It

I hear ya. First a comment from the vacationing Gary and then an email from Mattie, both wondering where the news be at? Apologies and forgiveness sought for my tardiness regarding your information super-dirt road. Maybe it's a personal funk (taxes, WV Division of Labor, construction noises, et. al.), but I digress...

The news: In an effort to secure some much needed wind in the sails, myself and Jeremy are planning a "Tommy Boy" (his analogy, not mine) style sales tour. This begs the question: who's David Spade and who's Chris Farly...clearly I am the buffoonish Tommy Boy whilst Jeremy plays the role of straight man. I know, "straight man" is a stretch, but come on, me not playing the f-up?

Our community librarian, Ivonne, and husband Keith, in an effort to keep the stars aligned, both did slight front-end damage to their cars. All the while, they were one hundred (100) miles away from each other. Keith popped a small dent in the plastic portion (which is most of) of his Xterra and his blushing bride, trying to board the HypnoVessel and search for correct change at the same time forgot to stop. It ain't the first time, but it was a dozy seeing Ivonne, head looking down, drifting ever-so-slowly towards our ship's imposing handicap ramp until...SCRAPE. The spoiler of the Prius took the brunt of this slip.

Prior to his flying of the coup, Ben Nelson (of, the HypnoBadge Mugs are coming fame) is now an indentured servant aboard the S.S. Hellbender Burritos. You have been warned, check those burritos for pontification.

Our HypnoFriend, Chip (of Charlie's best buddy fame) is preparing a feast from India tonight at Mountain State, and Hypno's own, Aaron M., is gettin' his River Dance on with Aurora Celtic at the same venue.

Hopefully this sates the hungry eyes of my fervent readers... now, if you don't mind, I shall return to my closing time ritual of Mountain State IPA and Van Halen. I might as well JUMP!

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