Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Thanks to Cory Chase for this blast from the past spotted at T-Line.

Cloco the Hobo.

Is it coming off, or going on?

Another fine Blackwater Bikes product.

The chicks of the mountain top are looking better already! No one got into a fight, everyone is still friends, and that equates to success. If you've been within nine hundred (900) yards of the HypnoVessel lately then you have no doubt heard the ruckus of progress, and with said progress also comes changes. The reality of a volleyball/badminton court looks more likely as does a new parking lot. Get used to not pulling nose-in towards the building. Also on the horizon is wine aboard the ship. I know rum is the traditional grog of seafaring vessels, but good wine is hard to come by in these parts and we are all about filling the vacuums. Summer has gathered licensing information from the state, and we are, of course, fretting the requisite FBI background checks, and letters of good-standing, but we'll see where the road takes us. No trigger-pulling until after tax time, so be patient.

Another idea being batted around is a farmers' market. I know there is interest in that, and if you have experience in these realms than step forward, as the reigns await a driver. Our landlord, Pete, will throw in the space and a tent, but someone is needed to interface with farmers/vendors, advertise the events, handle licensing, and skipper this idea into smooth seas. Come on, we can do this and plenty more.


Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like their is plenty of whine already aboard the ship?

HypnoBlog said...

you have no idea!

Cory said...

1)Completely dig Cloco's outfit. Is that a poncho? Will trade *cosas buenas* for it!

2) With wine will your hours change? Will the morning zombies come down for an early-bird cup of Merlot (maybe coffe flavored?? blah!)

3)If the FBI is coming, call my pager and I will show my face in the parking lot as they arrive, which will lead to a high speed chase through Davis and hopefully into Thomas, where a standoff will transpire at the White Room...diverting all attention from the vessel and its legal hurdles.

4) Farmer's Market? YES! Yum! Leave the "rules" lax enough to allow chair massage, which makes food taste better (citation needed)!

gary said...

is it Tuesday March,24th, or Saturday March 28th ? what, nothing to say?