Saturday, March 7, 2009


Two (2) heads are better than one (1).

Mackie's doppelganger, Mattie, is in town today. Maybe you've seen him, a little younger than Mackie, shorter, greener hair, and better looking. I think he even has a bike much like Mackie would have. The differences don't cease at his visage. As you know we all have an "evil" doppelganger or twin in the world. Someone, who instead of you, does the misanthropic deeds you only entertain in your darkest thoughts for a few minutes at a time. Knowing this, what is this "Mattie" doing here? What nefarious chore is he on? Why did he linger so long aboard the HypnoVessel?

Thinking back on my meeting with this duplicate, I've concluded that we've been fooled for years. Mattie did seem really nice, nicer than Mackie actually. He was helpful, playful with the kids, courteous, and a good conversationalist. Wait a minute! I think this Mattie is, in fact, the good twin, while our Mackie is the evil S.O.B. Come to think of it, Mackie is always spouting some conspiracy theory, yelling about elected officials and political policies, picking fights with aged hippies, and he's the only man in America not in love with Barack. Mattie, you're welcome to stay as long as you can despite your awkward yet similar appearance to our ol' Mackie.

The bright and shining day lifted the aromas of roasting coffee as far as Blackwater Bikes, pulling people in like a hungry cartoon wolf floating on the waves of scent to the window holding a freshly baked pie. You're welcome Davis. You need not tary on the purchase of said freshly roasted coffee, just press the Buy Coffee Now! button to the right of this text.

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