Friday, March 6, 2009

Sushi Q, Baby I Love You

Summer put together sushi for the HypnoFam, Ivonne (of Library fame), Keith (of Ivonne fame), and Gary (of HypnoBaking fame). She, Summer, has made it clear that the sushi carnage pictured above was the work of Gary and Ivonne's first try at rolling...sushi that is. Summer even appealed to carnivore Keith with what we call "Philadelphia Roll" but Gary coined "mooshi", which is steak and cream cheese rolled with traditional rice and nori. Something for everyone, and stories of Ivonne's rubbing elbows with the honorable Joe "I Love Me A Roadkill Dinner" Manchin. She returned from Charleston with a slightly redder neck, certainly an endearment in these parts!
Vinyl spun on the turntable, and beer and wine vanished as if it were a trick. Even Gary drank wine and ate meat. Yes, that's new. Arguably the best part of the evening was Ivonne's being chased by Charlie, who's intent was to turn her to "ice" or "rice", for about a half an hour. A very "hypno" way to burn off dinner.

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