Monday, March 23, 2009

Wanna Trade?

It's that time again. Summer has been putting the word out, and now it is here; Spring Clothing Swap! Dig through that closet, rummage those steamer trunks, and in other words bring the skivvies you're willing to trade to HypnoCoffee tonight at seven (7) pm. The affair is just like being in your bedroom swapping clothes with your girlfriends before going out on a Friday night, minus the Cure and Boyz II Men posters on the wall. Come to think of it, Summer may have a poster or two (2) we can pin up just to make the experience familiar. If she doesn't Chloe does. Tonight, of course, is a chick-shtick, so no dudes. Not even Charlie and I will attempt a peek (lesson learned from the winter swap), because men and clothing swaps don't mix... unless you're gay or bi-curious. Besides, it isn't nearly as sexy as we men would like to think, not at least while men are around, and that is how it always is. The good stuff invariably goes down when you are not there.


Anonymous said...

So did you have the workers install a peephole?

Anonymous said...

Just tell me when the "mens" Hypnostout "swap" is!

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