Thursday, March 5, 2009

Were You At The NRPS Show? What? Huh?

Work to place Highland Prospects next door has begun. Noise levels are church-like for now and progress made to get my friends moved in is appreciated. Speaking of noise levels, Kate (of Mountain State Brewery fame) once again did her part to remove selected frequencies from your hearing by bringing back New Riders of the Purple Sage. This time it was a closed door affair, no patio usage, hence the noise had nowhere to go but in your ear holes. The holes' job is to absorb as much sound as possible. Good work Kate, and keep it up (no puns intended).

If this warm weather persists I will be forced to schedule a pre-Easter snow badminton tourney. Summer's sister will be around in a couple of weeks and she always brings her game and lust for victory. That'd be a good time, and the keg is on me!

Now in the "where in the world" series: Cade A. You remember Cade, the affable smiling young man who found his way to our mountain top over a year ago and worked at the Fiddle. He's the one (1) that passed out before a badminton dinner at the HypnoCastle last summer. I thought that would jog your memory. I had to do a little research, and here's what I dug up. The name Cade translates to "abandoned by one's mother". I once asked Cade if he was abandoned by his mother, to which he replied that indeed he was raised by his touchy Haitian nanny with a peculiar name. This went a long way to explaining his constant smile. Knowing his abandonment issues coupled with his affinity for older French accented mother figures, he is "holing up" in the heavily French occupied town of Hendricks with a woman whom he has made pregnant. Ascend the mountain o' young abandoned one(1) for we would like to see ye.

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