Friday, March 13, 2009


As always, we are putting the new recruit through the rigors of HypnoTraining. Of course, the mantra on every new hire's mind is "What would Mallow Do?" Surly? Check. Mumbling? What? Hungover? Roger that! Stinky? Gotcha. Sloppy? You know it! Dirty mind? Of course, that's why I want to work here. Cade is off and running with espresso finally being extracted to our precise standards. Kate found the new hire particularly interesting to converse with, and Cade pulled some sacrilegious and interesting preoccupations out of Mountain State's princess. I realize Kate's mother reads this blog, so I will save her the embarrassment and heartbreak that would be associated with Kate's full statement. If you want to know, just come by the shop for a full disclosure.
Thai food tomorrow night at Mountain State! You read right, Chip has left the mountain in pursuit of ingredients. His search has taken him to D.C. to both fight the L.L. Bean Edition Subaru crowd whilst securing the proper flavors. Thanks for the effort my friend and I'll see you tomorrow night.

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Anonymous said...

WWMD = Wicked Weapons of Mass Destruction

WTFWMD = What The Freak Would Macky Do? or

WFWMD = What Freak Would Macky Do?

WOCF = Whichever One Came First.