Saturday, March 14, 2009

Smooth Sailing

It's never too soon to start... sailor training! Charlie am what he am. Before I get a plethora of emails referencing my encouragement of tobacco use I want it noted the above pipe came free with my purchase of a Happy Meal and Firearm at McDonald's. Plus, it's plastic; Cade and I melted an identical pipe earlier this he can't even use it!
Cade, on day two (2), discovered our Achilles heel and nearly flooded the HypnoVessel this morning. I was forced to teach him the proper technique for bunging a hole. (No jokes please.)Cade was pretty good already, must have been all of that time aboard the Purple Fiddle?
Ben N. (of pottery fame) promises yet more HypnoMugs, and not a moment too soon as we are being asked to sell the badged beauties. Get that order in now. Speaking of orders, anyone interested in cycling jerseys? I want to place an order and will take pre-orders from interested and good-looking patrons with a desire to expand their wardrobe with an ultra-hip merino wool HypnoJersey.


"snomonkey" said...

mark will take one pound of Devil's Kiss and a wool hypnojersey please, sized medium

Shutt VR said...

If you are interested in Merino wol cycling jersys, please take a look at our site. We are a brand new company manufacturing in Britain.