Monday, April 20, 2009

Nice 'Journey'

Thanks to Chip (of Charlie's best buddy fame) for the deep dish. Pie was so deep we picked up HBO and Showtime before eating it. For dessert we watched Charlie throw rocks into mud puddles while he contracted hypothermia in the pouring rain.

Sometimes the captain has to go ashore, and today found this captain taking a dingy to the port city of Buckhannon. I was privileged to meet one (1) of our customers, Mike of Market Street Bistro. Mike has the good taste to put HypnoCoffee in his cafe and if others are to keep pace, they will have to follow his lead. Whilst handing out the gracious "thank yous" I would be remiss not to thank the on-line orderers from this past weekend. Keep 'em coming, it's no trouble throwing coffee in boxes and then peddling said coffee to the post office aboard the Big Dummy.

Summer is getting the itch throw a party. Karaoke maybe? Davis Idol? There would be a certain salient pleasure watching our friends and neighbors bastardize "Sister Christian", "Rocket Man", or "Every Rose Has Its Thorn". Ahhh yeahhh, that image is hilarious. Speaking of hilarious, are you loading up on Nicole and Aaron? Hurry because come Friday it will be the Cade and Bish show. Bish belting out "Don't Stop Believin'" would definetly make its way to YouTube.

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Stinkfist said...

...don't tempt Nelson. He has been *waiting* for the stars to align (or an outright invitation)to unleash his Prince-ness on the slumbering ghost-towns of Tucker County!

BEWARE! The beast has been unleashed!