Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Now You've Got Someone To Boss Around..."

Apparently, you can be both female and sick and not be pregnant! Ahem, my two (2) decades in health care have failed me yet again, and I stand corrected. Amazing how three (3) years out of the groove can affect your intelligence and command of a subject. Nicole assured me she is not pregnant, and after hearing the reason I believe her. No, you can't know about Aaron's problem!

The dentist was more of an affair for the normally strong enamelled Chloe, as she had a cavity filled. The dentist passed the baton of Charlie along to a pediatric dental specialist due to his need for anesthesia. Man, what a rough introduction to dental care.
Some will recognize the XXXXX pictured above and we at Hypno are pleased at the "clampdown" being placed on the criminal element that has been playing havoc in our community. Poor XXXX, getting pulled over in front of the most public of public locales, the HypnoVessel, XXXX should have made a run for it.

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Anonymous said...

Did they make up and at least come in for some ramp quiche? Pobre cito! He does like to drive fast, eh?