Thursday, April 9, 2009

We Are Not Being Serious, Seriously

Boy, did I ever have it wrong. The correct quote for yesterday's caption should have read, "Where's your license son?" "Anything you need. Ah, here it is in my Bible." Clearly the elevated noise levels have harmed my hearing. My apologies to both the victim and our readers. As you can tell I combed through yesterday's post and censored my writing, making the entire affair less funny and clunky, but that's what happens when sensibilities get stepped on. Now, having retracted, altered, and in other words censored our comedic coffee shop column, I must refer any further requests and or complaints to the Director of our complaints department, Chris Mallow. No, Chris doesn't work here, but no one can ever strip him of his hard-earned title as the Director, and I for one (1) can't think of anyone more suited to handling these situations.

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Anonymous said...

OMG...I can't believe you mentioned know this website is being monitored by the Obaaahhma sheeple!!! Seriously, Obaaahma is the second coming of Bush II (who was begat by Clinton who was begat by Bush I, ad nauseum) and has proclaimed the warrantless sheperding of his sheeple to be the way of the chosen one! All hail Obaaahma and praise be he that decideth if ye are going to be brought up to heavenly bailout manditory volunteerism or sent down to the depths of enemy combatism and holy renditions!