Monday, April 13, 2009

So...This Is What It Sounds Like, When Doves Cry.

All three (3) photos by Tricia and Steve, thanks.

What a whirlwind holiday this past weekend least for Davis. Easter started Saturday night with Chloe and I father-daughter dating. Matt Lambert and his gaggle of melodious locals (Ben, Benny Q., Jared, Aaron, and Rob) performed at the Purple Fiddle; thrashing about and getting everyone up and on the dance floor. Benny Q. whipped out the bass guitar once played in the Revolution (of Prince fame) which sent me into awe and fits of laughter. Q-man, when was that ebay auction, and what did BrownMark's bass fetch? Sawing on the fiddle for the encore songs was the icing on the cake, nice work gentlemen. Not to be sent to bed at the early hour of midnight, Chloe and I joined the band at the after party aboard Mountain State. My presence was always met with amazement, as if being awake and throwing down after dark were as rare as Haley's Comet or black presidents. Once we finally decided to retire, Chloe and I encountered Mr. Peter Cottontail exiting our yard. Upon eyeing us he turned and ran in the opposite direction, a wise decision given Easter's new egg hunt.

Easter Sunday saw a new HypnoFamily tradition born. After the traditional egg hunting, Chloe and I adjourned to the shooting range and opened fire upon the deserved found eggs from earlier that morning. Mike (of Gladiator fame), Evan (of Mountain State Brewery fame), and Chip (of Charlie's best buddy fame) joined us in this first annual hunting of the eggs. Nothing is quite as satisfying as seeing an egg explode after your daughter shot it. Future boyfriends be ye warned.

Thanks to so many neighbor's positive comments on our (Hypno, Highland Prospects, Hellbender Burritos, and Sirianni's Pizza) article in both the Parsons Advocate and Charleston Daily Mail. If you'd like to read the article, peruse the photos, and watch the videos go here: . Click on the article featuring a HypnoCup. Tip of the hat to Tricia and Steve for the good work, wow. Maybe I was wrong thinking their visit was just a ruse to get free food and drinks (no food or drink was donated or injured during their stay with us). I haven't been correct in a long time.


Anonymous said...

Nice article-is everyone from Davis mute? Or is it my computer?
Let's see...Lambert is a second home owner and Menzies owns a house in Davis! Maybe Lambert stays with Menzies when he visits town!

Anonymous said...

wow sounds like i missed the show of the month and the rare chance to see and berate tony out on the thomas nightlife circuit. can only imagine how his crudeness would amplify with the loud music and brews flowing! no disrespect to the fine musicians of tucker county, but im certain i was having just as good of a time :)

Cory said...

Now that the internet-world knows that Tony does not lock his door (or anybody in Tucker county?) there will *surely* be attempts to retrieve all of the things that he keeps from the Hypno L&F.

Oh, and where is Matt's first home?

erinkyoung said...

Hope you enjoyed shooting the easter eggs, always a fun tradition.

Great to hang with you and Chloe this weekend!

Seth & Erin Young (Blackwater Mojo)

anonymous VA IT geek said...

aww.. i never knew the summer and tony "boy meets girl" story like in that video...must be gettin a little dusty in here, cuz my eyes are gettin a little watery! wtf? no expatriate IT persons were mentioned... blasphemy!

Anonymous said...

See... WVU teaches ethics and that you can't take free drinks... or money (which Tony was trying to give us for more air time). :)