Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Hope There's A Tooth Fairy

Patient #12,388

Finally, Cade and Carrie had their baby. Tuesday, around 7:45 am, Oliver Tony Williams Archuleta was born, weighing-in at ten (10) pounds seven (7) ounces. I'm assuming ,Cade, in good taste, decency, and respect, stuck "Tony Williams" in the middle, but who knows? Congratulations to both new parents and we can't wait to hear the gruesome details! As soon as Oliver makes it aboard the vessel we'll snap photos and post them for your viewing pleasure.

Get all the Nicole and Aaron you can stand next week because they are leaving for a month. The Olive Garden has been calling and Aaron shall heed said call. Perhaps tutorials on wine in the color of white await young Aaron at the Olive Garden's Tennessee Regional Training Center. Maybe he'll brush up on bottomless salads and bread sticks? Italiano is the limit. While Aaron attends Olive College, Nicole plans on taking a three (3) week course in fair-ride operation in Dollywood. Broadening her horizons, Nicole may find a new career in the hills of Tennessee operating a Tilt-A-Whirl, Zipper-Clipper, or Vomit-Comet.

Tomorrow removes the HypnoFam from play as we trip the highway fantastic to Fairmont. Charlie undergoes his oral repairs in the morning and the entire family will be present for support. Since Charlie will be getting work done to every upper tooth, his buddy, Chip dropped by and knocked eight (8) of them out in just two (2) punches. I hope his knuckles get infected from the gouges those little chick-lets left on the right hand.


bish said...

if you don't mind mr. williams i need to correct you. oliver cade tony williams archuleta was born tuesday morning.

Cory said...

No Shame Mr. Williams! While it may be helpful to remove the teeth before going to the highly anticipated dentist appt., the imagery invoked by Chips large fist meeting Lil Chucks tiny dental arcade is just shattering.
Thanks for the update on Oliver..good name, that one!

Stay rad!