Thursday, May 7, 2009

Baby Edition

Pardon the wet floors this morning, I'm not used to swimming to work. Some our neighbors hath begun to sprout feathers where hair used to be; dudes waddling about with feathered beards and our ladies sporting down covered legs like a fancy-pant rooster. Now, not everyone appears so shocking, but we might as well get used to the new aesthetic.
Speaking of aesthetic, Ben N. (of HypnoMugs fame) brought in a fresh batch of mugs in new colors. These mugs are getting better and better, you may have to buy a second one (1) if you purchased a previous model. Sure your Chevy mug is fine, holding the coffee adequetely, but isn't time you transported that Devil's Kiss around in a Caddy? Hurry though, as the production of more mugs is uncertain...much like that Cadillac.
Without further delay, rambling, or's yo baby pics...

Finally, a smile whilst aboard the jogging stroller!

The next generation will certainly be better-looking than the preceding generation.

Auntie Anne and Cousin Adelaide.

Rob and Delaney.


Anonymous said...

You've been warned...

At 9:47 am, baby Delaney was spotted in front of the mirror--primping for her maiden voyage upon the hypno-vessel. Because of the recent wet weather and heavy seas, it may however take several hours for her to make the sail over from Thomas.

drooler said...

Damn, Auntie Anne is a fox!

HypnoBlog said...

drooler? nom de Sarah Hunt?! I thought it was too "meta" to read le blog?

Cory said...

Thanks for the trig prayers everyone in Davis and surrounding areas. I felt the pulse of your hearts matching up with the thumps in my brain...*voilĂ *, it is done!

Oh, I didn't know that Sarah was gay...right on!