Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bizarre Night

When Gary doesn't bake enough we have to improvise.

In these, the doldrums of mud season, we have an exciting night to look forward to. Our mountain's own Willie (of Mountain State fame) will finally make his prime time television appearance. After years of understudy and thousands of dollars spent on method acting lessons, Willie will be featured on Bizarre Foods. Tonight on the Travel Channel look for Willie giving a tutorial on cooking venison. The HypnoFam plans to head down to Mountain State and watch the debut on the big screen! Wow, I told you we were celebrities.

Many thanks to our friends at the Blue Moose Cafe and Market Street Bistro for the wholesale orders, you folks keep us in IPA and diapers. Unfortunately we need the diapers because of the IPA; alas no gift comes without it's whip, with which we flagellate ourselves.

Tune in tomorrow for the cute baby edition, and having said that, a belated welcome to the world to Delaney Stull! Way to go Rob and especially Shannon, we look forward to seeing our newest denizen.

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