Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lost In Paradise

Pictured above is the aforementioned dressing room (a.k.a. Jeremy's Love Nest). Expect lots more beach cabana-style fun in the boyz shop-o-gear. If they decide against outdoor gear they may very well go into the lady's swimwear game...or perhaps an Old Navy? What will happen? We do need a supplier of female volleyball garments, and male European beach tuxedos.
Who's teaching the next orientation course? Cade and I missed a trail and turned a five (5) mile run into a fifteen (15) mile run yesterday. Ah yes, imagine the captain and Cade..."Where's the Plantation Trail intersection?""Distances always seem larger on the map, but we've been on this path for five (5) miles now, WTF""I wish we had brought water.""What! Table Rock?! That leaves eight (8) more miles!""You wanna walk?"If you see me hobbling about today, point and laugh. Oh yeah, you won't see Cade, he claims to only rise for the bathroom. The rest of the time he is in a prone position watching Kung Fu movies...ah the life!

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ALOHA GIRL said...

Living in Paradise is what you should be doing instead of getting lost in it. This is very typical of dogs...whoops i mean guys they often chase their tales in circles. And really Tony you dont need to use "running" as an excuse to hobble around we all know that you are getting old, and your wife just keeps getting younger. So this is me pointing and laughing at you hehehe.
I do appreciate you sharing these endearing moments that you have.
Volley Ball is on the next time i am around. I will have to give a heads up and you can arrange a game. But sand is a must! We can all go next door get geared up and then game on! Can we have some Cabana boys by leave nothing to the imagination shorts????? mmmmmm yummy.
Ps it was FREAKING great to see
you guys! Devils Kiss and all ;)