Monday, June 8, 2009

Vote For Summer

Tomorrow is Summer's big day. Will she help shape the policy and direction of our town for the next two (2) years? It's your decision. Other than the decision to marry me she seems to have made mostly excellent choices. To not vote is essentially conceding the running of our town to neighbors who are goaded into running or neighbors who harbor resentment towards their fellow denizens based on the location of their birth. I say screw that! Regardless of why we are here, we all want a town with thriving businesses, safe streets, and a responsive municipality. You may think someone else will handle that, and you are correct. But whom?

Free coffee and delectables for those who can spare a moment in the morning, hang out aboard the HypnoVessel, and place a couple of calls to their neighbors. Who lives on either side of you? Did they vote? Help us make sure they did. HypnoPhone bank party in the morning. Celebration party to be announced.

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