Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Party and Parking

Reports are filtering in about a show at the Purple Fiddle. Apparently a band from San Francisco sashayed into Thomas and brought out every one's inner-drag queen. Remember, this is rural-remote West-By-God-Virginia, thus the view from the stage must have been tragic. I've peeped a couple of pictures from the night's Dionysus-like debauchery and suffice to say, our men DO NOT make the prettiest women.

Now for the public service announcement, or alert. This morning, observant HypnoPatrons spied an SUV backing precariously close to the HypnoCoffee road sign, and over the shouts of "OH-OH, he hit the sign!" he stopped. Short of the sign? Said precarious parker came in, ordered a Vanilla Latte, and when asked if the HypnoSign was down he tendered a "no, a bike fell down in the back." Okay...Latte made, money passed, man boards his vehicle, and pulls off. Hell yeah, the sign is akimbo! Now for the alert part: if you hit our sign and lie about it, don't forget that you were in my coffee shop the day before introducing yourself, and telling me how you are visiting your family, the Phillips, in Thomas. My memory isn't that bad yet, but clearly yours is.


Anonymous said...

A possible miscommunication, he is my neigbors son and seems a decent fellow. He also has one of those bike racks that sticks way out in the back. Perhaps his bike hit your sign and fell off. Just wondering-Patrick

HypnoBlog said...

No miscommunication,
me: "is the sign down"
mr. phillips: "no, a bike fell in the back"
oh, i'm sure he's a good fellow, just got nervous after tapping the a pirate ship's dock sign. If I had to answer to a gaggle of scurvy dawgz, I'd lie too.
And no matter which part hit the sign, rack or SUV, a hit is a hit.

Tim Adkins said...

Crooked sign or no, we were GLAD to see it! My wife, daughter, and I met you in the Thomas location last summer on our annual camping excursion and looked forward to stopping in again this year. This afternoon we rolled through Thomas on our way to the campground at Blackwater and were very saddened to see the empty storefront! Feared the worst. You can imagine how glad we were to see the new location in Davis! I guess the commute was just too much to take, eh? We'll drop in for coffee tomorrow! -Tim, Amanda, and Brennan