Thursday, June 25, 2009

Your To-Do List

HypnoCoffee has a new booking agent. Unbeknownst to the DC It Geek, he mis-communicated a band booking at the HypnoVessel this Friday night. We found out today when Sue Haywood-you-buzz-off asked which band was playing. One (1) phone call to the HypnoShip and DC IT Geek had a musician commit to playing Friday. It just so happened that when he called Ben N. (of HypnoMugs fame) was hanging out, the Geek must have begged or bought him off, but Ben relented and agreed to supply the aural vibe. May sound either serendipitous or just amazing that a musician can be had so quickly, but in this area you can't throw a rock and not hit a musician. All in all, just another great reason to live and work here.
With the Geek's eleventh hour save, your weekend just got busier. Here's the deal: Mackie is celebrating his five-O (50th) at Hellbender, and around nine (9), Ben will start to perform aboard the HypnoVessel, the woman's' ride hosted by Ms. Haywood-you-follow-me will bring the party to Hypno, and around the same time Mackie will bring his birthday cheer too. Mackie celebrating with the all-chick-bad-ass riders whilst Ben serenades sounds like a happy birthday indeed! Saturday promises just as much fun with Rob and Melissa hosting the TCT Fundraiser. This year, Rob has lost his noodle, and is kicking half of the dough raised with beer sales to TCT. No, this doesn't mean half-off your pint, but yes, it does mean you should drink twice as much. The last TCT fundraiser ended with Jeremy missing, only to resurface in the strip mind near ghetto-heim, how will this year play out?

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anonymous VA IT geek said...

wait a sec. The contract Ben signed with me said 5-7pm! music at 9...corey as the barista... tripno coffee?