Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pity Party

It's eight fifteen (8:15) do you know where your ballot is? We are waiting patiently to find out the results of today's election for Davis Town Council. I hope you got your vote on, and you know who you are. Results will reach these pages as soon as I get 'em. Time for results pushed back to nine thirty (9:30)...too many voters! Four (4) times the voters turned out this year.
No Changes...business as usual. All HypnoEndorsed candidates failed to make the cut. Same no changing, xenophobic good-ol-boys will run this town for two (2) more years. Stay on this, two (2) years fly by.

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Cory said...


...and remember, dog owners are NOT allowed to cast votes for their pets, even if said mutts HAVE lived here longer than most of us...