Monday, June 1, 2009

Sell Out

I hear ya out there, scratching at the door like a hungry cat. Where my news at? Where my funny pics of Cade be? Still here my friends, but if you are used to typing in your url address bar and then laughing, well that is just going to have to change. It was a good run, but the din of debt collectors, mortgage payments, and the looming specter to three (3) kids to pump through what passes for college demands a little scrilla. We've succumb to the times and yeah they be a changin'. Most local readers know of the blog and make the blog because they are in the shop daily helping keep the lights glowing. The new store is for you, out-of-townie, loves to visit our community, stops by when atop the mountain, and gets a kick out of our local color as portrayed on these pages; it is time for you to pull your weight in these, oh these, times. After you return to occupied America, what is it in your french press, Mr. Coffee, or Rancillo machine? Not Hypno? For's your chance to make it right!
Have you seen Barbara's sunglasses? If so, bring 'em by the vessel. Gary has a big surprise for you, but you'll have to wait until the 13th, before he'll reveal it. No, its not what you're thinking.

1 comment:

bish said...

hey thanks for putting the word out about my sunglasses. the loss is really screwing my day up...