Thursday, June 4, 2009


Please take note of the required volleyball attire, bikinis and banana hammocks.

Have you voted yet? You will, right? I'm talking to you: John, Jody, Kim, Dave, Matt, Aaron, Nicole, Robbie, Melissa, Mackie, Roger, Randy, Susan, Craig, Kristin, Mack, Carrie, Bob, Rose, etc. etc. et al. It doesn't take too many of you to put Summer, Jeremy, and Cindy over the top. You know who you are and we are all living here for similar reasons, let's have a voice in the machinations of our town. End political statement.

There is now a volleyball net aboard the vessel. If only the sand were here, but alas we must wait a bit longer. Speaking of volleyball, July 11th will see a fundraiser volleyball tourney at the pit o' sand. We will be raising money for Oktoberfest (bands to be paid ya know). The deal-e-o is going to be something like...twenty bucks ($20.00) per team, two (2) person teams, round robin rules, single elimination, a judge, free refreshments for teams, and cash purse for the top three (3) teams. Our milkshake brings the boyz to the yard!


Spike Driver said...

***Davis Volleyball court: Circa 2009.

(see rocky mounds w/ trash steal all glory of sand)

***Davis Volleyball court: Circa 2000when?

(turns out dirt is cheaper than sand, we'll use that...toss your tea bags and paper cups in the court for filler...what a way to reuse AND save!)

Jack McG said...


Anonymous said...

How about coffee grounds for a volleyball court surface? How long does it take to get 20 tons of grounds Tony? We could be playing by 2012!