Friday, July 10, 2009

Green Light

If the weather holds, Sunday's State Championship Race should be fast, and with so many questions to be answered expediancy is our friend. Will Mackie retain his status as West Virginia State Champion (he's had so many silver medal finishes this season we're re-naming 2nd Street, Mackie Blvd.)?, will there be a beginner Merchants Class?, will Rob B. race with a twig protruding from his calf?, will Cory return from the AllGood Music Festival and represent the HypnoVessel?, will DC IT Geek blow the dust off of 'ol number four twenty (420) and race?, will the top spots receive HypnoCoffee or will they be awarded to the silver medalists? By Sunday afternoon these and many more answers will be illuminated.

The question has been posed about if we'll still be having a volleyball tourney this weekend, and The tournament has been postponed until August 22nd.

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