Friday, August 7, 2009

Who Else? Davis! Who's Next?

And so it came to pass, that the towns of Davis and Thomas once again met upon a field and battled. And even though the result was the same as the previous year, with Davis victorious, the game was much more competitive. Thomas came to play, and jumped out to an early lead. They managed to hold on to said lead until the bottom of the sixth inning, but I digress.

Let us bask in earlier glories. Ben Nelson (of HypnoMugs fame) filled the role of umpire with great aplomb, and with no understanding of the game or its rules, managed to contain himself whilst under constant fire from both benches. Perhaps my favorite call of the game was a pop-fly to second base, that after bouncing off of Thomas' short stop the ball was pinned to the ground by Jocelyn, and subsequently called "out". After much protest from the Davis bench Ben walked to Jocelyn, asked whether or not she truly caught the ball, and Jocelyn being honest (she lives in Douglas) admitted the ball was on the ground when she "caught" it, thus Ben reversed his decision. Precedent had been set, and many a decision was reversed, but if minds weren't meant for changing, than what is?
Other stand-out moments include, but are not limited to, Rob S. playing first to third base from the position of short stop. Matt (Joe) L. touching all the bases while chomping a sweet stogie. Sheena (Joe) W. scoring an in-field home run via four (4) consecutive errors made by Thomas' stellar in-field, and of course, Davis' MVP John (Joe) L. throttling the red kick ball into orbit. With the bases loaded, John (Joe) L. launched the ball over the befuddled unkempt heads of the Thomas outfield, then rounded the bases with ease, thus sparking the bottom of the sixth inning come-back.

The final score of 19-13 reflects not only Davis' ability to shut down Thomas' scoring (only one ((1)) Thomas run crossed home plate in the last three ((3)) innings), but also our ability to rally, stay positive, and put points on the board late in the game. Thomas actually showed signs that victory can be had, but just don't have what it takes to close the deal (a fact that was known to Davis all along). Better luck next year...losers.

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