Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thomas, It's Almost Over

The time is nigh for our foes down the lane of asphalt. The ties that bind us are now broken by competition and won't again mend until the final run has crossed the plate. Will mercy reign o'er the Thomas crew, or will Davis once again smash those drunken jesters? It is doubtful Thomas will even give us a good game, but playing is half of the fun. Winning just comes with the territory whilst living in Davis. At least Thomas can be consoled by the fact that defeat is now only one (1) day away, and that the verbal assaults suffered through this blog (and those of your parents, of course, you know, "get a job, go back to college, shower more often") will end soon enough. I, for one (1), do not advocate mercy. Once your opponent is down is when you begin to kick!
Tomorrow, 6pm, the ball-field on the edge of Davis! For you lucky denizens of Davis, your uniform requests and all other answers regarding certain victory can be answered at Hellbender, Blackwater Bikes, or the HypnoVessel.

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Anonymous said...

Well, who came out on top last night and has the bragging rights?