Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Car Issue

Local Duke Boyz, Chip and Willie (of Mountain State fame) arrived via Willie's Cougar (the car, not his girlfriend, although much like many a Cougar, his is fast, looks good, but the interior is a little worn and needs some updating) to the HypnoVessel recently. Chip, in true Duke Boy fashion entered and exited the venerable Mercury via the window, and looked totally cool doing it! Not satisfied with just Duke Boy hi-jinks the pair fueled up this morning at the ship and head to Table Rock, where Chip put his trouser snake skills to use on real snakes...rattlesnakes! Charlies' buddy caught two of the sunny-bathing beauties and kept one (1). What's on the menu tonight Chip? Willie took a video of the affair replete with Chip doing this in flip flops...priceless.
Atop the mountain exotic cars are embodied by the mayor's mini-trucks from eastern block countries or Korea, so it was surprising to see so many Porsches parked in front of the HypnoVessel. It proves that owners of such sports cars obviously possess good-taste in other facets of their purchasing lives.

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Anonymous said...

I was part of the Porsche get together and can't wait to come back to Thomas and Hypnocoffee! Was lots of fun "loitering" on Sat. with Cory and then on Sunday with the breakfast on the deck. Good times. Cactus