Sunday, August 23, 2009

U Know 'Dis!

Bish's milkshake brings da boyz 2 da yard! We've been slammin' like doors this weekend, and because Bish pulled an all weekend appearance. The hikin' must be pay'n off cuz dat Bish starts-a-flex'n on da espresso machine an dead presidents appear like a George Bush nightmare...damn! Not jus' dat, but Gary be sellin' eggs like a hot surrogate mother...double damn! More of ya'll need to get married and bring in these nice folks jones'n fo they coffee, thanks.

Many-a whiner been bitch'n 'bout da frequency of dis blog, but dat jus' how it bees when the vessel's rockin', some bidness jus' slows down. I know Thomas ain't got much else 2 do but read dis' an get insulted; be patient, have 'nother beer, kill a few brain cells, an' I'll be wit ya'll 'n a shorty.

As a few of ya'll knows, T-Dog celebrated he thirty-ninth (39th) birfday dis' week, an he knows ya'll can't believe it since he looks nineteen (19), but it's true. Thanks to all well-wishers in da haus! Also gettin' older, be our ol' dirty bastard, Mackie. Say adios to dat long legged Mack Daddy as he makes he way to da WVU to get more learn on, but 'dis time it's fo good.

Welcome to The Mountain Institute and El Gran Sabor fo' they patronage of wholesale HypnoCoffee coffee. They gots they heads on! Finally, excellent espresso in E-town!

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Anonymous said...

Happy belated b-day, Tony. Now you're only one year away from the big "40". But you know that ain't slowing you down, especially since you've been ramping up the running. No way we older kats will go down without a fight. No sir. And glad to hear the vessel is cranking. Good news indeed! -Tim