Saturday, November 28, 2009

Now For The Lattes

Thanks to our judges, Bob, Gary, and Tasha for their help sussing out the mess, I mean lattes. Due to an odd number of participants, we set up a double-elimination contest, and the above drinks are from the second round except for Cade, who moved to the quarter-finals with that excellent pour. The quarter-finals saw Summer, Cade, and Barbara throwing junk, and Summer moved to the finals leaving Barbara and Cade battling in the semis. When the dust settled on the semis, Cade and Summer entered the Thunder-Dome in a bare-knuckles mach-off. Each barista pulled two macchiatos and submitted their best effort.

The judges stroked beards (Tasha, I never knew), deliberated, and tendered a double-secret vote ballot. Once certified by the accounting firm of the McGrath Group, Summer came out ahead twenty-five (25) to twenty-four (24). Congratulations to the first-lady of Hypno!

Every Queen deserves a crown!

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Anonymous said...

There is no way a little dank redneck town would be hip enough to have latte's, let alone a latte art contest. Pfft, yeah right, this is a fictitious blog obviously