Saturday, November 28, 2009

What's Going On In Davis?

Could this have been the first ever latte art throw down in the state of West Virginia? Surely we haven't seen every coffee shop in the state, but I would be amazed if any of the one's we have seen would ever have hosted anything resembling the amazing throw down I was a party to last night! Thanks to the many folks who braved the hazardous road conditions and helped rock the vessel to the fever-pitch that was latte art competition ala Davis, WV!

Barbara really stepped up her game, and made it to the semis.

Cade came into the night as the favorite, and that's a lot of cross to bear.

Summer also surprised the crowd with delicate, beautiful Rosetta.

Cory's always abstract milk work was in full bloom!

Even the cap'n made the scene...briefly...first one (1) in, first one (1) out.

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