Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dungeons and Decaf

Alright all you Hypno dweebs (and D&D fans). While Tony dreams of having a shop that draws all manner of weirdos (well, leaving out Chip B. and his trusty partner Linus...and everyone from Thomas...yes, esp. Rob S.), Fort Collins, CO, has taken that quest to another level/dimension/state. But first...

...Upon leaving Boulder for the wildest place that is still wild in the west (Wyoming...they gave themselves that label), we first stopped at Folsom Street Coffee Co. for a capp. It was a true trad capp, the barista's were sweet, and the people in the place made me want to go to grad school so I could just f-ing fit in with the vibe. And get a Mac. Mo's mango smoothie was killa!!! They claim to be Boulder's only eco-coffee house. WV is far from that, I know. But hey, the lids, cups and sleeves were all made to biodegrade. Using "food" for plant plastics is hotly debated yet I think it is way nicer to use corn than decayed dinosaur petrol. 

But this is not what excited me so...After the eco buzz geared us up for the north path, we hit up a fantasy RPG coffee shop. For real, role-playing games meet espresso. Roll dice FASTER!!! While I considered just staying there forever, the fact that the owner's name was Gary made me choose to continue on. Anyhow, this has got me thinking of something more off the wall for Hypno to morph into...cupcakes are not weird enough, while the baker may be. I'll let you know when the eureka moment occurs.

Gary, a multifaceted Cali barista, made a delightful double shot mocha that made me think of doppelgangers and underwater prisons. Not really. But what a combo, eh?

Don't spill yer drink on the sweet merch...or you meet the Gimp downstairs.

We soon showed up at Ben H's., our fellow Davis pal who now resides in Jackson, WY, and were pleased to see that his home was replete with Hypno gear. As you can see, some of the french press has been used, making picture taking a bit jittery. FTO 24 Hour Blend was nice to come across this far from Dub V. While it was not used to win any hard-core races (first one to the john?), it surely helped me remember my roots...wait, what am I? I am coffee's super-highway, it's exercise gym, it's power plant...

In Jackson, my favorite toastless bagel shop, Pearl Street Bagels, shelled out supadupa dank brekkie and some espresso to boot! Upon two visits, the coffee has been well extracted and the milk frothed to perfection. Two thumbs up Tony's, err, way up. Well done, PS.

One more thing for Tony, Cade, and Summer. I'm not coming back. Not yet, at least. Sorry if this makes you happy. I will be back for Pres. Day weekend, though, so get yer cups stocked and put a green coffee order in early to be stocked up good.

Where are those metrostache pics you promised, Tony Bologna?

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