Saturday, January 30, 2010

Safety Advisory

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has cited The HypnoVessel with three (3) warnings regarding our patrons. Apparently we are the number two (2) cause of accidents today, number one (1) being lower torso venom extraction while driving. One (1) patron, who will remain unnamed, craving his chai tea latte (expertly crafted with textured organic whole milk) braved the white covered road only to come up short. He made it as far as Canaan Heights when his Ford Explorer decided to acquaint itself with a tree on the side of Highway 32. Undeterred, the gentleman thumbed a ride to the HypnoVessel and sated himself with not one (1) but two (2) chai tea lattes; well done. Next, two (2) other patrons boarded the vessel after limping their Subie into the dock on a donut tire. Lastly, a HypnoFan and his daughter entered white-knuckled after nearly slamming into a turn signal deficient truck once it shortened the road between them.
To one (1) and all; it will be okay, these are only possessions, yes the roads are terrible, and remember, the drinks aboard the HypnoShip are worth it. You know I'm right.

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