Friday, January 29, 2010


Well it finally happened; our commercial-insulated, super-duper french presses arrived. The long-awaited, much preferred brewing method is now in use. Our chrome beauties are just like your home french press except larger, insulated, and used by professional hands...and Cory. Now every cup of coffee enjoyed by you shall be french pressed instead of dripped.

For the uninitiated; french pressing is a brewing method wherein hot water is introduced to coarsely ground coffee, the grounds soak in the water for about four (4) minutes before the expert and handsome barista presses a screen through the grounds, forcing them to the bottom of the pot and stopping the coffee extraction. The oils contained within coffee are in the finished product as opposed to being soaked up in a paper filter, giving the cup a full-body and thick mouth-feel. Oh, and you'll pay the same amount for the superior cup of coffee.

The coffee isn't alone in the always improving category, Gary's baked goods are going through the roof. Gary is finally helping me realize my dream of selling cupcakes (don't ask). The first sample batch were espresso cupcakes with chocolate icing...oh my Lord!! As usual the HypnoVessel continues to improve her product for your drinking pleasure. You are welcome, now get some!

Charlie's, errr I mean Batman's, first bite into espresso cupcakes.

1 comment:

Cory said...

1. I knew cupcakes would be yer cup o' tea.

2. Can't wait to break the new french presses.

3. May not come back too soon.

4. Your son def. does not need to eat chocospresso cupqwakes.