Saturday, January 9, 2010

Take That!!

This is what the weather atop the mountain is like...a tiger firing a machine gun! So many are enjoying the copious amounts of snow, and last night Cade (of latte artist fame) and I broke trail through the pow-pow. Charlie is still coughing from his all day sledding extravaganza last Wednesday. Stay tuned for photos. My southern brethren ought to get a kick out of this postcard-esque scenery. Note to Phil: expect retaliation soon. Phil has been sending photos of his home espresso unit based latte art, and it's pretty damn good, but not threatening.
Don't forget, the HypnoFam will be relaxing again this Wednesday and celebrating Charlie's fourth (4th), so buy your whole beans and french press your own cup Wednesday morning. Speaking of french press, keep your eyes peeled to the UPS truck, and as soon as you see Cade and I smiling, oohing and aahing, expect the house coffee to get even better.

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